With the digital age, are we printing less at home? Perhaps not!

Today we email invoices, share photos on laptops and smartphones, and send emails instead of traditional snail-mail. You would expect we’re printing less at home and in the office!

However, with the new faster communications, technology has also improved around home/office printers which makes it easier to print in-house rather than out-source print jobs to printer companies.

People printing

Where businesses were once out-sourcing the printing of flyers, brochures and cards, they’re now printing conveniently from the comfort of their office, and getting some great results.

The use of good quality compatible cartridges also means that in-house printing is not only convenient, it’s very economical.

Let’s not forget when you’re cooking dinner or watching the news, the kids go to town printing off multiple versions of their full-colour assignments, which you find discarded in the bin the next day, while the low-ink light flashes brightly!

There are also those of us who, albeit love the digital age, equally love to see our document in hard-copy.

The printed page has an appeal that a fleeting image on-screen can never match, especially for proof-reading copy, or reconciling invoices or checking over facts and figures.


I have found over the past eight years in the printer consumable business, there is a strong trend to use of (quality) compatibles over OEM cartridges. (I stress ‘quality’ as not all compatibles are the same!)

My view is that, as it becomes cheaper and easier to print at home and in the office we might actually be printing more!

Having printer problems? Read the manual.. or is that like reading a road map?

Read Roadmap Toner

When my customer’s printers are not working I often get asked for advice, which is flattering.

While I’m not a technician I find that often “two heads are better than one” when solving printing problems. And reading those manuals can require a PhD!

Yesterday my customer in Killarney Heights asked me to pop in. She’d changed the cartridge and the printer had locked up. My first suggestion was to turn the printer off at the power point and restart it. Now it was starting to respond. We were able to go through the checks of the print head and alignments, and within a few minutes the printer was working again.. and the problem averted. The cartridge was let off the hook too!

Having printer problems?

My best advice is to read the manual first, even thought it’s a bit frustrating and time consuming at times.

If it’s an old inkjet printer, they’re often not worth calling a technician as they’ll advise buying a new one (which can be more cost effective with the inexpensive options around these days) Call me for a price if you need a new printer.

Also, if it’s a fairly newly acquired printer, remember to consider using the warranty option (usually one year) after you have done the device maintenance and adjustments.

Happy printing from the Cartridge Queen (my new name given to me by a customer)