Printing tips

It’s easy to print directly from your Apple iPhone using AirPrint

AirPrint is Apple’s solution to printing directly to printers without the need to download or install drivers or go through Bluetooth pairing.


Printers that support AirPrint will be advertised as ‘AirPrint compatible’. Most latest model printers are AirPrint-compatible while also supporting other wireless printing standards.

Note: You don’t have to buy a special Apple-device-only printer to use AirPrint.

To use AirPrint printers you don’t need to install printer drivers, as they’re wireless and Apple devises automatically detect AirPrinter on the same network and can print to them without configuration. Just connect it to your wireless network like a typical Wi-Fi printer. Then use your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or Mac computer and select the Print option in any program.

Visit the support website to see a current list of printers that are AirPrint enabled.

*These printers and print servers are AirPrint-enabled. This information is provided by each manufacturer and is updated once a month by Apple. If you don’t see your model listed, check with the manufacturer for more information. Learn how to print from your Mac or print from your iOS device and what to do if you can’t print.

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