Printing tips

Simple tips to optimise your printing

Have you ever explored ways to make your printing more economical and sustainable? It will not only help your bottom line, but it will be good for the environment.

Recently Brother International Australia produced A Guide to Sustainable Printing eBook (

In addition to simply not printing unless absolutely necessary, the guide includes some easy-to-navigate ways to optimise your printing, including:

  • If documents are for internal use only, select mono and toner save mode or draft mode to lessen ink and toner consumption.
  • Select mono or black and white mode when you don’t need to print in colour. This will reduce use of colour toner, necessitating fewer cartridge changes and less cartridges used over the life of the machine.
  • Default to two-sided (duplex) printing for significantly lower paper consumption.
  • Reduced-power settings such as eco mode, sleep or deep sleep keep electricity use low when printers aren’t in use.
  • Instead of running local printer servers, manage your printers using cloud services instead for additional power savings.